Artigos – Articles

Artigos em revista / Journal articles

4. Cabral, Óscar; Galego, Ludovina. “On the alchemy of cooking with ashes: an exploratory review on global practices and a Portuguese perspective provided by cookbooks and vernacular cuisine”. Food and Nutrition Sciences International Journal 13 1 (2024): 1-9.

3. Óscar Cabral; Ludovina Galego. “”Milhos aferventados” from the Algarve (Portugal): An historical, culinary, and biochemical interdisciplinary approach on a regional dish”. International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science 35 (2024):

2. Ó. Cabral; P. Orduna; R. Moreira. “A participant observation methodology to analyse social functions, gender, class, and gastronomic practices in food-centric organizations: From the Gastronomic Societies in San Sebastián to the world”, International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science, 2023,

1. Cabral, Óscar; Ramos, Elsa. “The “Pêra Passa” in Serra da Estrela: From Shepherds’ food tonic to an endangered gastronomic product?”. Journal of Tourism and Heritage Research 6 2 (2023): 27-43.

Artigos em conferência / Conference articles

2. Cabral, Óscar; Dias, Gonçalo Paiva; Ferreira, Luís Miguel, “Adoption of reverse auctions in public e-procurement: the case of Portugal”. CISTI 2016 : 11th Iberian Conference on Information Systems and TechnologiesGran Canaria, 2016.